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Make use of our online inventory. We can put you in touch with dealers showcasing our custom build and modified trucks.

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Fire Apparatus | Trucks | Tank & Tankers | Custom Built

8765 East 29th Street, Marshfield, WI 54449

(715) 591-4933

Located in Marshfield, WI
Stainless and Repair is your #1 choice for custom tank and truck fabrication & repair for farm, industrial, processing, and logistics industries in the USA.
Built to industrial standards
We guarantee the quality of all our work and back up that promise making your our client for life! During your project, we give periodic updates, photos, and guide you through the process, benefits, and costs involved. Whether you are looking for a sanitary transport tank, tanker service or repair, or custom truck fabrication.. The friendly staff atStainless and Repair can help you achieve your goals. We are central Wisconsin’s best solution for custom fire truck , industrial, and farm truck fabrication, repair and accessories!
Custom Truck Fabrication & Repair | Custom Sanitary & Farm Tank Fabrication | Custom Fire Truck Builders Custom Truck Fabrication & Repair | Custom Sanitary & Farm Tank Fabrication | Custom Fire Truck Builders
If you need a new piece of fire apparatus, rebuilding of your current apparatus or yearly pumper testing, Stainless and Repair can offer you a costly solution. If you’re looking to buy a new dump body, new municipal dump package, or in need of any truck equipment service, please stop in and see how we can quickly get you back on the road. Our family owned company has been building and fabricating stainless steel and trucking equipment for over 40 years!

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